Shared Office Space
Casual Users & Members

Boutique Office. All amenities included.


Print & Scanner included.


Reliable and stable High-Speed Wireless & LAN connections.


Monitors are available.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available for your convenience.


Office equipment included.


Comfortable schedule: Monday-Friday 8AM-10PM & weekends.

Day Passes

Day Passes

$16 / day

Need a creative and professional space to work for a day? Guaranteed seating and no distractions.

Best for:
Meetings Downtown.
Escape the home office.

coworking office desk

Hot Desk

$88 / month

The professional that needs an office downtown on occasion. Guaranteed seating and always have a place to work.

Best for:
Client Meetings.
Start-ups and Agencies

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

$415 / month

Your own desk in a Shared Office you can set up in the same place each day. Be part of a community of professionals.

Best for:
Remote Employees.

Team Membership

Team Membership

$190 / month

Shared space for a team of 3-5 to work together with guaranteed seating. You can work together when needed.

Best for:
Remote Teams.
Small Businesses.

    Your Office in the ByWard Market

    How has the Shared Office changed the way we work?


    Today’s creative professionals have traded the notion that they need a long-term lease to present themselves as having “made it”. In its place, they have expanded their horizons to a flexible style of working digitally allowing them to save money and gain efficiency through the shared economy.


    My ByWard Office provides stunning high-quality spaces that guarantee to impress your clients while providing an atmosphere that will spark your creativity. Packages provide you with as much or as little as you need on demand and all the details are taken care of. We provide high-speed WiFi, complimentary coffee & tea, full kitchen services & lounge, a boardroom for client meetings, and when you need to make a call the phone booth.

    What Makes MBO Different?

    There are different styles of co-working for different needs. What separates us is that we are creative professionals that really “get shit done”.

    What is Co-Working and what are the benefits?

    Co-Working is a style of work where members rent just a desk in an office. All resource costs are shared as part of the membership like the internet, kitchen, meeting rooms, printers, and maintenance.

    Are members charged separately for meeting rooms?

    Membership includes a number of hours each month that you can use to simply reserve the meeting room.

    Can you book a meeting room if you are not a member?

    Yes, you can always book a meeting room by the hour, simply select the rooms that fit your needs.

    How do I become a member?

    Becoming a member is simple as simple as subscribing to either the Business or Freelancer monthly plan, no membership fees required.

    Do you have networking events and social get togethers?

    Space was deliberately designed so that people connect with each other organically, so we all know each other well. It is almost impossible to work here and not know everyone.

    Is there high-speed internet and WiFi access?

    The internet runs on either cable or fiber with Guest and Member networks, secure firewall and can handle double the number of our members. There is also a backup LTE system so you can always stay online.

    Does the office have a printer and scanner?

    There is a printer and scanner that members can access once connected to the network.

    Who are the members of My ByWard Office and what do they do?

    Our members are a wide range of creative professionals from artist to developers, writers, consultants, lawyers, film production, website designers, and entrepreneurs just starting their companies.

    What does the Business Membership provide?

    The business membership provides 24-hour access to the building and the office so you can come and go as you please.

    What is different about working at My ByWard Office?

    The big difference is the community of people and the other professionals that work in the space alongside you.

    How does the membership terms work can I go month to month?

    We like to keep things simple. You can choose to pay-as-you-go or you can realize some savings by subscribing. We only need 6 weeks (45 day’s) notice to cancel a subscription.

    How does office leasing work, what are the terms?

    Leasing can be done either month to month with no commitment, or short and long-term leases where you receive discounted rates.

    What is the Freelancer membership include?

    The Freelance membership is part time and you have access to the office during building hours Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 8:00 pm & Sat-Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

    What time does the office open?

    The building is open Mon-Fri 8:00 am-8:00 pm and Sat & Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you are a member you will have your own door code to open the office door.

    When does the office close and can I work late?

    The building closes at 8:00 pm weekdays and 5:00 pm weekends. But if you are a member you can work until 10:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 pm weekends.

    How do I get into the office if I am the first one there?

    Each person has a unique pin code that gives them access to the office, no need to wait for staff.

    An amazing place with great facilities for entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level! We enjoyed being there and chatting with Eric. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. Thanks Eric for your advice!

    Arian Ph

    If you’re working at My ByWard Office, you’ll be joining one of the smartest people in Ottawa. The founder (Eric) is genuinely interested in your success as a person and you’d be receiving so much more than just space. You’ll have access to really valuable mentorship. He’s helped me in more ways than I can count, 100% recommend.

    Lea AbboudLegacy Conf (Director)

    Great location, great atmosphere and great service, what else do you need? Complimentary coffee and fruits, they’ve got it! Eric will make you feel welcomed and he might even have some great business insight if you ask him.

    Loïc BERTHOUTovi Health

    To say that I’m impressed with Eric and My Byward Office would be a gross understatement. The facilities are the funkiest, most versatile and most technologically advanced I’ve seen, and I’ve checked out quite a few!

    Dana Gwynne WallLead Mark Coaching

    Super productive and creative space! Also appreciated Eric’s coaching for entrepreneurs – very useful. Thanks!

    Rhonda DouglasNFP DIrector

    I have worked out of My Byward Office since they opened, and I absolutely love it. MBO is a spot you can feel good about taking clients, and its location (in the centre of the Market) is unbeatable.

    Jason McNaughtMc Naught Publishing